A properly designed golf specific strength & conditioning program is essential for any serious golfer desiring to reach his or her maximal playing potential. Professional golfers have recently discovered the connection between a proper strength & conditioning program and improving golf performance. Tiger Woods is the most obvious example of a professional, who is strongly committed to a golf specific strength & conditioning program. It is important to understand that such a program needs to focus on muscular strength, joint flexibility, balance, functional mobility, and posture stability as they relate to the golf swing. Improving these areas of conditioning will lead to the proper sequencing of different muscle groups during the golf swing resulting in increased club head speed at impact.(Most breakdowns in the swing result in premature maximal club head speed.) It is important to have a strong lower body to generate power, and your program will utilize a variety of multi-directional lunges and step-ups to train the lower body muscles as they are used during the golf swing. However, it is even more essential to develop a well-conditioned core (hips, low back, abdominals, & obliques), which will enable this power to be effectively transferred from the lower body to the upper body. A well-conditioned body will enable all body segments to work in their proper sequential order, which will decrease the likelihood for breakdowns in the swing to occur. Your training program will include the use of medicine balls to replicate the integrated muscle movements utilized during the golf swing. Medicine ball training is widely recognized by sports conditioning specialists and professional golfers as one of the best methods to improve golf specific strength and functional mobility. While improving golf performance is a primary emphasis in your training program, a secondaryMedicine Ball Exercises emphasis is placed on injury prevention. Injuries often result from the repetitive stress, which the golf swing places on the body. Improving muscle balance, flexibility, and posture stability will enable you to function more efficiently as a golfer, while decreasing the risk of developing overuse injuries to the musculoskeletal system. All golf strength & conditioning programs start with a pre-test evaluation to examine strength, flexibility, balance, posture stability, functional mobility and cardiovascular endurance (if desired). Your program will be designed to improve all of these components, and training will emphasize any areas of weakness. All programs are 3-4 months in length, but you will be educated on how to utilize a proper year round strength & conditioning program including for the off-season and the in-season. Adding more power and yards to your drives will enable you to use shorter irons for approach shots, and ultimately lead to lower scores. This program will help all levels of golfers, who are serious about wanting to improve their strength and conditioning and their game. Contact Michael Rose to set up an initial consultation.